Your are going to discover the world of mysterious Siberian boreal forest with its secular cedars, delicate Siberian fir and pure Sayan air. The itinerary is full of beautiful natural landscapes and powerful rapids. This tour suits for adventure travelers who would like to experience the power of whitewater.


The 1st day Meeting at the airport or at the railroad station of Irkutsk. Transportation by bus Irkutsk – Mondy village – Orlik village. The beauty of our region will meet you at the beginning of the trip. Road curves go among secular cedars and pines. And then gray “grandfather” Baikal appears after the curves and it means that we came to the southern part of the lake. Then the trip goes through sunny Buryatia. After Mondy village we turn to the road to deep valley of the Irkut river and then we go through Okinskiy plateau to Orlik village. At first the Great Sayan mountains rise above us like inexpugnable walls and then road goes to the pass and we see the lake where the Oka Sayan river begins
The 2nd day Preparing for rafting, safety education. The rafting starts on the Oka – deep powerful torrential river. Picturesque nature delights the eye. The tributary of the Oka – the Saylag river includes beautiful waterfall, which we are going to visit. It is situated just in 50 meters from the bank. The giant Sayan mountains 3000 m high are getting closer and closer and soon we will raft just at its bottom. Entrance in Orho-Bom ravine, rest on the right bank.
The 3d day Rafring to the Haragolskiy-1 village. Oka rushes right into the mountains and goes through picturesque ravine about 60 km. There you are going to overcome powerful rapids with water waves up to 3 meters and to raft among giant rocky hills. Passing of the 1st part of Orho-Bom ravine. Today you will see in all its glory the rapids “Treh geologov”, “Pronesi Gospodi-1”, “Kalandarashvili” “Okinskiy” and “Buryatskiy”. All rapids includes giant water waves up to 3,5 meters high.
The 4th day Rest day. Fishing
The 5th day Passing of the 2nd part of the ravine Orho-Bom. The rapids “Haragolskiy-1 and 2”, “Melnitsa”, “Centrifuga” (obstacles of 4 g.d.). Passing of these obstacles is like a fly among white foam. Hot tea and lunch at Hoito-Oka. Rafting to staging post at the right bang after two powerful rapids “privet ot Orho-Bom”.
The 6th day After the ravine Orho-Bom the mountains step away and the valley is becoming wider but still it is very deep and beautiful. powerful riffles go during the first 30 km after the ravine
The 7th day The river is getting calmer. Rafting to Verhneokinsk village.
The 8th day Transportation to Irkutsk. Trip takes about 6 hours. Overnight in hotel.


July – September

Tour Price

80 000 (not less than 8 people)

Prepayment 20% not later than 30 days before beginning of the tour. The full amount is due on the first day of the tour at the latest

In case of refusal from the tour within 7 days before its beginning, the deposit won’t be returned

The length of the tour

Auto – 550+350 km

Rafting – 250 km

Weather conditions

The temperature +15- +30 precipitations are possible

Tour Price includes

  • Transport: all transfers according to the program
  • a 3-course meal
  • The lease of specific rafting outfit (raft, helmets, life jackets, paddles, water resistant bags for personal staff, tents)
  • Professional guides, cookers
  • Medical insurance

Tour Price doesn’t include

  • Meal during the trip to the beginning of rafting and return journey in Irkutsk.
  • Alcohol drinks
  • accommodation in hotel and tourists complexes
  • Personal expenses

Personal equipment

Each participant should have sports bag, shoes and wetsuit for the rafting, windproof suit, jogging suit, raincoat, a couple of T-shirts, thermal underwear, sweater, jogging shoes, three - four pairs of socks, caps, sunglasses, swimsuit, shorts or tights, personal hygiene items, cameras, torch, specific medications, etc.


  • It is an expeditionary journey, participants stay at a different campsite each night.
  • Professional Cooking is provided. Only fresh vegetables are used.
  • Raft, equipment, camping (fire pits, tents, tables) are provided by guides.
  • Reconnaissance of rapids, providing of insurance and safety, rescue operation are performed by guides
  • one can lease necessary additional equipment – wetsuit, shoes for rafting.
  • satellite-link communication and radio set are provided
  • During the trip carrying of load and equipment down the river bank is available, depending on weather conditions and skills of group
  • The schedule of the tour can be changed in accordance with group requests
  • Transportation by helicopter is optional
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