The mysterious Kuril is paradise for each romantic traveler. Isolation, desert, burning volcanos not much of “beach climate”, poor information – not just scare but quite the opposite -strengthen desire to see foggy, spitfire islands. The Pacific Ocean and crystal rivers, lakes waterfalls, mountains, forests, volcanos and thermal springs plus a rich diversity of pristine plant and animal life – that is the Kuril Islands! The biggest Kuril island is also the most interesting.
Iturup – the largest island of the Kuril Archipelago. It is situated on the south tail of the Kuril Islands. This island is volcanogenic and it has roughness relief. There are 9 burning volcanos and 7 extinguished volcanos and 4 inferred volcanos. There are a lot of waterfalls including one of the most highest in Russia the waterfall Ilya Muromez wth height of water 141 meters. Most of island is covered with bamboo thickets that in combination with roughness relief makes moving very hard.
Bears – are brand identity of the island, there are more than 1500 bears. And what about fishing? Iturup is fishing region - humpback salmon, Siberian salmon, crabs, halibut, sharks etc.
Few people know, that it is Iturup island where on the 26th November in 1991 landed Japanese carrier squadron to attack Pearl Harbour.


The 1st day Meeting at the airport of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Sight-seeing tour (2 hours). Visiting of the regional natural history museum and museum of railroad transportation. Lunch. Spare time, walking in the center of the city. AT 18:00 transportation to the port Korsakov. Boarding the motor ship “Igor Farhutdinov”, departure at 20:00
The 2nd day Arriving in the island Iturup at 16:00(kitovy village). Transportation to the plateau Yankito to the picturesque place on the bank of The Sea of Okhotsk. Camping. Dinner.Today one can fish.
The 3d day Breakfast. Pass along the Sea of Okhotsk along laval exits to the volcano Bogdan Hmelnitsky. Visit of the Budda lake on the way. Depending on the sportsmanship of the group volcano-climbing expedition is optional. Returning to the camp. Dinner. Fishing.
The 4th day Transportation to the foot of volcano Baranky. Visit of Kurilsk city on the way. Camping. Visit of the Kipyashaya river sources. Swimming in the warm sulfuric stream.
The 5th day Climbing on the volcano Baransky. Cross the fumarole field. There are yellow sulphuric cupolas in fumarole places. Then hard climb at the crater edge. We see crater edge it is full of lava flow. There is beautiful view from the volcano, one can see Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk. Going down along the dried stream about 2-3 hours. Transportation to Kurilsk, hotel check in
The 6th day Breakfast. Transportation by car to the Bely Skaly (White rocks), visit of lake Sopochnoye, waterfall Devichi Kosy (Maiden braid). Camping. Fishing.
The 7th day Pass through Vetrenny neck of land to the Pacific ocean. This is the most narrow place of the island it is 6 kilometers breadthways. Visit of old Japanese airdrome. Swimming in the ocean. Transportation in Kurilsk.
The 8th day Transportation to the bay Osennyaya (2 hours), then transfer on boats and going to Odesskiy gulf on the South of Iturup. Camping. Dinner, rest. There is a picturesque Atsonupuri volcano view from this place.
The 9th day Climbing on the volcano. Boarding the boats and cross to the Dobroe Nachalo gulf. Trekking begins from here. The view from volcano is amazing, one can admire Tyatya volcano on the neighboring island Kunashir. Going down to the crater of volcano. Returning to the camp, overnight. Dinner.
The 10th day Transportation in Kurilsk city. Visit of thermal springs. Lunch. Transfer to the port. Departure of the motor ship at 20:00
The 11th day Arriving in the port Korsakov at 9:00. Returning in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Hotel check in. Visit of fish market.


August– September

Tour Price

From 210 000 rub (not less than 4 people)

Prepayment 20% not later than 45 days before beginning of the tour. The full amount is due on the first day of the tour at the latest

In case of refusal from the tour within 15 days before its beginning, the deposit won’t be returned

Weather conditions

The temperature +10- +25 precipitations are possible

Tour Price includes

  • Transport: all transfers according to the program
  • a 3-course meal
  • The lease of specific rafting outfit (raft, helmets, life jackets, paddles, water resistant bags for personal staff, Tents)
  • Professional guides, cookers
  • Medical insurance
  • Drawing up the pass in the boundary zone

Tour Price doesn’t include

  • Alcohol drinks
  • accommodation in hotels (except Kurilsk) tourists complexes
  • Personal expenses

Personal equipment

Each participant should have sports bag, shoes and wetsuit, windproof suit, jogging suit, raincoat, a couple of T-shirts, thermal underwear, sweater, jogging shoes, three - four pairs of socks, caps, sunglasses, swimsuit, shorts or tights, personal hygiene items, cameras, torch, specific medications, etc.


  • It is an expeditionary journey, participants stay at a different campsite almost each night.
  • satellite-link communication and radio set are provided
  • The schedule of the tour can be changed in accordance with group requests before the beginning of the tour
  • Transportation by helicopter is optional from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
  • The program of the tour can be changed. Including of sight seeing as Ilya Muromez waterfall, short sea trips along the island, sightseeing of Chirip and Bogdan Hmelnitski volcanos etc. is optional
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